Help! Harini! Help!

The Great Help !!!


“Harini!” said her mom. “Can’t you be more of a help?”


“I was trying!” said Harini.


She went to her room and slammed the door. She played with her toys.


“Help! Harini! Help!”


It was her mom! “I’m coming,” Harini yelled.


Two bad guys were carrying her mom away!


Harini ran after them down the street.


“Look out!” said one. “That kid is chasing us!”


“Let’s get out of here fast,” said the other.


They stuffed her mom in a car and drove off.


“Help! Harini! Help!”


Harini got in another car and raced after them.


They stopped at an airport and headed for a plane.


Harini was right behind them.


“Drop my mom!” Harini yelled. “RIGHT NOW!”


The bad guys dropped her mom and ran off.


But something swooped down.


A giant bird! It picked up her mom and flew away!


“Help! Harini! Help!”


Harini got in the plane and took off after the bird.


She flew right above it and climbed down a rope.


But the bird dropped her mom!


“Help! Harini! Help!”


Harini got back in the plane and flew a loop-de-loop-de-loop.


Her mom landed on top. “Hold on!” Harini yelled.


But the wind blew her off!


“Help! Harini! H-e-l-l-l-l-p!”


Harini jumped from the plane.


They landed in a river. SPLASH! But a waterfall was just ahead!


“Help! Blub. Harini! Blub. Help!”


Harini grabbed her mom in time and started for shore.


But a giant serpent rose from the water. It opened its mouth!


“Help! Harini! EEEEEEEEEEK!”


The serpent swallowed them!


On the way down, Harini tickled its throat.


The serpent coughed, and they flew through the air.


They passed over the town.


They landed in their own backyard.


“Harini!” said her mom. “You’re such a great big HELP!”