Stupid Butterfly…

Stupid Butterfly…?

I came back to my place after a fight with Geetha. What does she think in her mind? Having so much work to do, how could she expect me to ping her always and chat with her. She always complains and doesn’t understand me at all. Oh no. I have only five hours to finish and deliver the code to onsite and still I am not able to find out the problem in this module.

Everything worked just fine until the last minute change proved something terribly wrong. I have been working on it for past four hours and still nothing. With so much tension around me, how can I concentrate on something else? A popup from Communicator. It was Geetha calling for lunch. I will reply later. Damn this code, it is still not working. My mobile was vibrating now. It was her again but I was in no mood to speak to her and just didn’t attend it.

Two hours passed, still nothing. I really wanted to fix it and didn’t even bother about my stomach. I started starring at the ceiling and then the glass window when a butterfly caught my eye. It kept on dashing on the mirror of the building trying to reach the mirror image of the tree on the mirror unaware that the real tree was just behind it. I thought how stupid the butterfly was. It thinks that the image is the real and it tries hard to get there. If only it would have turned back, it would have been home by now.

A pop up for a new mail from outlook interrupted my thought. Yes it was from Chris. As usual, some waste forward I guess. I thought of having a look at it for a change. It was an article from Newspaper. “Work Pressure drives techie over the edge”. “Software Engineer Sandeep unable to cope with work pressure and jumped from the seventh floor of the building”. I was bit shocked. Poor guy! He should have thought about his family for a minute. How foolish of him to push himself to such a limit.If only he had some one to share his thoughts with like how I did. With someone like Geetha…!

I was puzzled. I realized I was no different from the stupid butterfly. All these days, I chose my work as the higher  priority but in the process I forgot all about my friends and family and Geetha. I looked at the Chris mail and pleaded I shouldn’t make the same mistake as Sandeep did. I called Geetha and as I expected, she too didn’t have lunch. I apologized and took her to Food Court. She was too in bad mood as she was scolded by her manager for a delay in deliverable and she wanted to cry to someone. I realized that someone was obviously me and I consoled her.

We returned to our work after finishing lunch and I felt much relaxed. To my surprise, I was able to find out the looping problem which degraded the performance of my module. I recompiled the EAR and mailed it to my onsite. I know very well now that it would work just fine. I took Geetha to Food Court later in the evening. She was in joy as her manager just now appreciated her for a quality deliverable and client were happy about it. She was continuously talking in a childish manner and I always loved to watch her in that state. She just pointed out a butterfly on the way and I felt it was a same stupid butterfly which found its way to reality…… like me.

Friends do maintain a balance in your life no matter hard your work life may be. Cherish the fruit of life with joy and love.




One Response to “Stupid Butterfly…”

  1. Meenu Says:

    romba nalla irundudu, palara purinjukradilla

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