Chennai in my point of view

Chennai in my point of view…


Chennai, the capital of the state namely Tamilnadu in South part of India is very famous for its rich content on Media, Politics and Kollywood.


People in Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu speak Tamil as their Mother Tongue. Tamil is the third largest spoken language in India and one of the ancient languages in the world having around 5000 years of history behind it.


Tamilnadu produced more intelligent leaders like Sir CV Raman, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Rajaji and Kamaraj, who played a major role during early independence.


The ancient name for Chennai is Madarasapattinam also known as Madras. People from North India call the folks from South India as Madarasi’s. South India comprises of 4 states namely Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.


To start with, I need to describe the culture in Chennai. Even though, Chennai has a very good infrastructure and transportation similar to western countries and has been rated as A+ Metropolitan city, people in Chennai still follow their culture and customs and are not westernized when compared to other metropolitan cities.


Chennai is very famous for its cost of living which attracts people from various parts of India to come, work and settle down in Chennai. It comprises of various industries, software giants such as IBM, Dell, automobile companies such as Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Ford etc, financial institutions, manufacturing and production companies.


Chennai has a number of Prestigious Educational Institutions like Presidency College, Pachiyappas College, Anna University, Madras Institute Of Technology and IIT Madras, where great leaders educated and served. One of the top 5 B Schools Loyola is located in Chennai.


Chennai as a hot place for most of the MNCs from all around the world comprises of various well diversified fields and career opportunities for the skilled and also unskilled workers from various parts of India. More SEZ’s are opened up for multinationals in Chennai.


Our honorable Prime Minister Dr. ManMohan Singh’s Globalization policy was the major turning point in Indian history which allowed the foreign companies to outsource their operations to India.


Next, we will see about the life in Chennai. As Chennai is major attraction for the MNCs all around the world, most of the IT companies find Chennai as the potential place due to skilled workforce with economical and environmental policies for their offshore operations. Most of the IT companies have base office in Chennai.


Chennai is very famous for its high temperature when compared to other Metropolitan cities in India. Inspite of hot weather, most of the companies are striving to open their offices in Chennai due to the cost of living, growth opportunities and stable government.


Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities with all the 3 modes of transportation. It resides on the seashore of Bay of Bengal.


It has the best public transportation in India and MTC is serving around 55 lakhs passengers with a collection of Rs. 2 Crores a day. State government is coming out with Metro Rail project connecting almost entire Chennai.


Chennai has a very good Infrastructure development projects such as construction of bridges to ease and regulate traffic systems


Chennai has various places which are of Tourist’s interest such as beaches like Marina Beach (which is the second longest beach in the world), Cove long Beach, Elliot’s Beach, museums, parks like Anna Zoological Park (Vandaloor Zoo), Guindy National Park, Snake Park, Crocodile Park and Government Museum & National Art Gallery,  Vivekananda House & Museum and Gudiyam Caves


Religious attractions are Vadapazhani Murugan Temple, Astalakshmi Temple, and, Kapaleswar temple, Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Fort St. George and St. Mary’s Church.


Nearest tourist spots around Chennai are Mahabalipuram & Pondicherry. Chennai is very close to the temple town namely Kancheepuram.


One of the hot topics that will come into everyone’s mind when we talk about Chennai is Kollywood, where Tamil movies are produced and distributed in a place namely Kodambakkam.


In my point of view, Chennai is one of the best places in India to live and prosper and it is a very good place for tourists as well.


We will see more about Chennai in our future posts.


Evergreen Wishes,