Relatives of Donkey!!!

The Relatives of Donkey


Let us enjoy reading this Mulla Nasruddin Hodja’s Story of The Relatives of Donkey.
Hodja was on his way to the market with a basketful of vegetables which he had loaded on his donkey.

Halfway the donkey suddenly stopped. Hodja tried to coax it to move forward again but the animal would not budge. In anger and desperation Hodja began to belabor it with a stick.
People began to gather around them.
“Why are you beating the poor creature?” asked one man.
“Stop beating it at once!” ordered a second man.
“What a cruel man you are!” said a third.
Hodja gave his donkey an admiring look.
“If I had known you had so many relatives to defend you, I would never have hit you,” he said.
“I can see you come from a large and loud-mouthed family.”
The men who had commented strode away indignantly and the crowd dispersed leaving Hodja to deal with his donkey as he thought fit.

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