Naming Game!!!

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The Naming Game!!!


The ambassador of Nippon presented a beautiful cat to the Emperor of China.


The emperor became fond of the animal and took it with him wherever he went.


People kept asking for the cat’s name and were surprised when told that it had none.


Eventually the emperor decided that the cat should have a name.


He called his ministers, the seven wisest men in the empire, and commanded them to find a suitable name for his pet within seven days.


At the end of this period they were summoned to the palace again, and asked for their suggestions.


The youngest of the group thought he had found the perfect name.


“TIGER!” he announced proudly.


“Good name,” said the emperor, after a moment’s reflection.


“The tiger is a noble and powerful beast.”


“Noble, perhaps,” said the second minister, “but it is not as powerful as the dragon.


Can a tiger soar into the sky? No, but a dragon can! I think DRAGON would be a more suitable name for the cat.”


“Clouds can go higher than dragons,” observed a third minister.


“A cloud is more powerful than a dragon. Let’s call it CLOUD.”


“Let’s not be hasty,” advised the fourth wise man.


“Clouds may fly high but they are pushed around by winds. Winds are more powerful than clouds. WIND would be the most appropriate name for a great emperor’s pet.”


“WIND?” said the emperor, doubtfully. “Isn’t there anything better?”


“There certainly is!” rasped the fifth wise man. “BRICK WALL!”




“A brick wall can stop a wind, however powerful,” explained the minister.


“A brick wall is more powerful than the wind!”


“Oh, I see, “said the emperor. “ Well, BRICK WALL is not a bad name. But isn’t it somewhat long?”


“I have a shorter name,” said the sixth minister. “RAT.”




“Yes, Your Majesty, RAT! A rat can eat through a brick wall, which makes it more powerful than the wall, more powerful than the wind, more powerful than…”


“I get your point,” interrupted the emperor, “but can you call a cat, RAT?”


“Indeed you can’t!” piped up the seventh wise man.


“A cat is a cat is a cat. And if a rat is more powerful than the others the cat is even more so because it is mightier than the rat.”


So the royal pet remained nameless in a way because from then on it was simply called CAT. The Naming Game came to the end.


In Life, It’s always better to accept the things as it is….





Master Plan!!!

Master of Games!!!

An old man who lived in a small side street in the city of Mumbai had to put up with the nuisance of having boys play cricket outside his house, at night.

One evening when the boys were particularly noisy, he went out to talk to them.

He explained that he was a pensioner who was happiest when he could see or hear boys playing his favorite game, cricket. He said he would give them 25 rupees each week to play in the street at night.

The boys were thrilled.

They were being paid to do something they enjoyed.

At the end of the first week they knocked at the old man’s house and asked to be paid.

He did so.

The second week when they asked for payment he said he had run out of money and sent them away with only 15 rupees.

The third week the man said he had not yet received his pension and gave them only 10 rupees.

The boys were very disappointed but there was not much they could do about it.

The fourth week the man said he could not afford to pay them 25 rupees as he had promised, but would give those 5 rupees each week without fail.

This was too much for the boys.

“You expect us to play seven days a week for a measly 5 rupees!” they yelled.

“Go to blazes.”

They stormed away and never played on the street again.



Dear Sister!!!

Dear Sister!!!


A rich lady had adopted a poor orphan girl, who was very devoted, obedient, laborious, and always happy and kind.

One day the lady said to her: “Rose, you are a good girl and therefore for Christmas I shall buy some new clothes for you. I have already spoken to the shop-keeper about it. Here is the money; go and buy the smart dress that you desire so much.”

The lady gave her some money, but Rose, considering the sum for a moment, said:

“My dear mother, I have enough clothes for the present, while my sister Lucia is still poorly dressed and if she saw me with a new dress she would certainly feel a little sad. Will you allow me to send her the money? She is very fond of me and when I was ill she used to come to my beside and be the most loving nurse.”

“My dear children,” said the good lady, “write to your sister and tell her to come here and stay with us, and I will give the same to both of you. Since you both have the same love for each other, I shall do my best to keep both of you happy.”

For there is no friend like a sister

In calm or stormy weather,

To cheer one on the tedious way,

To fetch one if one goes astray.

Those who are blessed with sisters will feel it…