Pluralism !!!



Once, a new child got his admission in my class.


He was from Afghanistan.


When all the students saw him, they started hitting him and made faces as if, they had not liked him.


Few of the students complained that he is a dirty boy.


Few of the students even don’t want to sit with him.


One of the brilliant students of my class complained,


“Raja sir, this boy stinks; he has no proper clothes and smell comes from his clothes”


I had one idea.


I told all of the students that tomorrow I will tell you the solution.


The next day when I came to the class, that student was sitting at the back.


One of the students who was sitting just besides me said, “Raja sir, your socks are torn from one side”


Another student told me that my shirt is torn from the sleeves.


I said, “Oh god! I didn’t know this thing; what should I do now? I think it’s better to leave the class because I have torn shirt and socks and I guess you all would not like it”


As all the students adores me more than others, they finally told me not to leave the class.


One of the student said to me, “Raja Sir, so what! if your shirt sleeve is torn from one side. You must not leave the class at all.”


I said, “My dear students, In the same manner, this new student have worn torn clothe, smell comes from his clothe, but is it wise enough to throw him out of the class or tell him not to come to school from the next day. “


He is also human and God always guide us to help every one.


If any of your brothers is in need, it’s our duty to help him. He is like your brother.


All the students realized and felt sorry for their harsh behavior.


They all shook hand with that student and the very next day, the students brought old clothes, books etc for him.


I still remember that one of the students even brought soap, and taught him how to clean face and hands properly.


Moral of the Story:


We all are humans and it’s our duty not to hurt any one. It’s also our duty that if we find any poor child, we should help him and treat every one equally.






2 Responses to “Pluralism !!!”

  1. Voltaire Says:


    Helping others with no expectation is always great.

    The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.
    Mother Teresa

    Nice. Keep up the good work!!!

    Voltaire SR

  2. sr karthik Says:

    Ya Sure…

    Wish I could do more…


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